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God is not tired, even if you are!

May the peace of Christ stand guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Is anyone out there a little tired? Maybe you are looking at life and wondering just how "overcome with whelm" you can be! Seems to be that season for many of us. It's at those times that it's very hard to remember that God is not tired, even if you are! And His invitation to us again and again is to come as children.

This is a season of new babies in our family. I was watching a video of our 4 month old grandson being thrown in the air by his father today. He was laughing so hard and loving being tossed in the air over and over. There was total trust that his daddy had him. We have another new guy on the block. Our newest little boy is just a week old. He is causing great waves of adoration just by having the good judgment to have showed up! His parents are falling more and more in love with him by the minute. His incredible contribution is hanging out and making adorable squeaking sounds. Meanwhile, these parents stand in continual awe at these babies who have stolen their hearts. Friends, take heart. Jesus feels the same way about YOU! And He said the most astounding thing. In a world where our achievements define who we are, Jesus laid out a different message. He said very clearly that it would be essential to become little, not powerful...and that unless we came as little children we would miss the Kingdom! (Matthew 18:3)

There was another little boy in Scripture who caused joy to His Father. John 6:9 tells of a huge crowd that was getting "hangry." Jesus questioned his disciples seeking a solution to the problem, although He knew exactly what would unfold. All of the apostles looked at the situation through human eyes and saw IMPOSSIBLE. Only Andrew brought forth a little boy who was willing to offer his lunch. Now think about it. What do you think the other disciples thought about that? Eyeballs were probably rolling everywhere. And how about the little boy? I have 5 boys. I KNOW how they eat! I am SO impressed this little boy was willing to share. And that was all Jesus needed, someone who would just show up and partner with Him. When Scripture gives a number, it's usually counting the men. We know that there were 5000 men. But how many women and children? Jesus, knowing that the storehouse of heaven was overflowing with resources, gave thanks to His Father, and then told his disciples to distribute the 5 loaves and two fish to all the people. He must have had fun watching his apostles do the mental gymnastics required to take that first step in "distributing" their seemingly tiny amount of food! All it took was their obedience and the first step.

Picture this scene with me. He must have handed about a half loaf and a piece of fish to each and told them to pass them out. The bread and the fish had to be multiplying in the disciples' hands. Not only did Jesus do a miracle, but allowed these guys to be participants in the miracle. And at the end they collected twelve baskets of overflow. One for each disciple. Imagine those guys holding their basket. Unbelievable! That's one way to refuel some overwhelmed disciples!

And here we are, some of us--overwhelmed disciples. It would be really nice if Jesus would show up and pull off something like this for us. We want to see Him move, to be a part of a miracle. Let's be clear. Jesus has not changed who He is at all. He's looking for anyone who will believe Him! Get into His Word and tell Him how much you want to LIVE believing like this! I often think of that little boy with the loaves and the fish. Let's remember three things

1) The little boy showed up. 2) He gave the little bit that he had. 3) Those two things were enough to rock Jesus' world. He LOVED the faith of Andrew and that little boy. THAT was His open door to do a HUGE miracle, one we are still talking about today.

People of God, whatever is going on in your life, what a relief that the Lord's call is to "go little." Go low. Water, living water, flows to the lowest points. Show up and offer the little bit that you have. That alone will melt the Heart of our sweet Jesus who is waiting, right now, to surprise you with an incredible miracle, breakthroughs that you cannot even imagine. What's going on in your life? Where is there a need for breakthrough" Consistently He whispers to me, "Your God is too small." I am working on that! He is consistently amazing. Remember, you may be tired, but He is not!

So for today, precious friends, remember that He looks at you as a new father looks at his child. He is in awe of you! And all the little squeaks you may make...those just melt Him! He grows in love with you more every day. He is not worried about your less redeemed places. He just wants to throw you up in the air and hear you laugh out loud! You make His heart smile. The message that day on the mountain is the same today. Beloved child of God, He does not ask high and lofty things. Just show up! And then bring the little that you have to offer. Don't worry if you feel close to empty. Paul assures us that His strength is made perfect in our weakness. (2 Corinth 12: 8-10) Jesus wants you to go low! Be little. Let Him be strong for you. Hand over the little that you have, no matter how small, and watch the King of Kings fill you and break through every one of your managed expectations. It's absolutely astounding. The Lion of Judah is on the move! And on the move FOR YOU. You can't outgive God. Today He blesses you, and calls you His beloved, cherished child. Can you receive it? Can you soak in this? He needs you to get it, because He needs you to GIVE it. Let Him fill you. Let Him overflow in you. That's my prayer for you right now. Please pray for me too. May the peace of Christ wrap you up and wash you with His love.

I love being on the road with you.

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1 Comment

What a wonderful message! I needed that today.

Isn't God merciful! I'm feeling overwhelmed at work and open my email and find this. God was speaking directly to my soul.

Thank you Anne!

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