S P I R I T U A L   W A R F A R E   1 0 1

An Introduction To The Basics Of Spiritual Warfare

Fr. Reuben Dykes gives a practical approach to teach us about the spiritual weapons that God has gifted to each one of us to be light in the darkness.  You won't want to miss this beautiful talk! (28 minutes)

F I V E   K E Y S   T O   F R E E D O M

A Step By Step Process For Spiritual Freedom

Nancy Greenhaw, of Renewal Ministries, introduces a simple, but powerful way to pray for spiritual freedom (mind, body, and soul) for oneself and others. These five keys will give one a better understanding of the authority we have in Jesus Christ as well as some of the obstacles that can cloud our vision and/or hinder healing. She has traveled the world teaching these five keys and her years of experience on this topic will impart and empower the confidence and faith one needs to persevere toward freedom in mind, body, and soul. (33 minutes)

T H E R E   I S   P O W E R   I N   T H E   B L O O D !

We Claim The Victory of Jesus Over The Kingdom Of Darkness
It's not a fun topic, but it is important to know that the kingdom of darkness is real, but the Blood of Jesus and his victory on the cross are bigger and more powerful.  Fr. McAlear is a wonderful teacher on the topic and will have you claiming the victory of Christ by the end of this important teaching.  (19 minutes)

T H E   T R U T H   W I L L   S E T   Y O U   F R E E 

Some Practical Ways To Avoid Deceit 
Fr. McAlear continues his teaching on the Kingdom of Light vs. the kingdom of darkness and gives us some practical safeguards to discern the Truth.  (21 minutes)