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S P I R I T U A L   W A R F A R E   1 0 1

F I V E   K E Y S   T O   F R E E D O M

A Step By Step Process For Spiritual Freedom

Nancy Greenhaw, of Renewal Ministries, introduces a simple, but powerful way to pray for spiritual freedom (mind, body, and soul) for oneself and others. These five keys will give one a better understanding of the authority we have in Jesus Christ as well as some of the obstacles that can cloud our vision and/or hinder healing. She has traveled the world teaching these five keys and her years of experience on this topic will impart and empower the confidence and faith one needs to persevere toward freedom in mind, body, and soul. (33 minutes)

This is a presentation of the Five Keys of Unbound Ministry developed by Neal Lozano and “The Heart of the Father Ministries.” For more information about Unbound, visit

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