We Are Still Pentecost People

Let the Holy Spirit out of the Bag
We are still Pentecost People!! You'll love this new series that unpacks who the Holy Spirit is, how He works, and ways we can partner with Him to show the world that we are still Pentecost People! Kevin McCall and Anne Trufant do a wonderful job of breaking it down for us. (10 minutes)

Learning how to Flow with the Holy Spirit
Teaching number two in our Pentecost People series. Kevin and Anne will teach us what we need to learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit who is already dwelling in each Baptized believer. (10 minutes)

Living Filled not Fretful
Our third teaching in our newest Pentecost People series explores further both the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. (12 minutes)

From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Our fourth teaching in this "Pentecost People" series dives deeper into the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, the different ways Holy Spirit communicates, and how God wants to use our ordinary gifts and make them extraordinary. (25 minutes)

Now What? An Activation 
With this final teaching in our Pentecost People series, we hope to activate your or give you an encouraging nudge to go out and be a witness in your everyday environment. (14 minutes)