C O M M U N I C A T I N G   W I T H   G O D

G i v e n   b y    K e v i n   M c C a l l

Communicating With God | Introduction

How to build a relationship with someone you can't necessarily see or hear. (14 minutes)

Hearing God's Voice

Does God really speak? This teaching will help you recognize how to hear Him. (23 minutes)

Basic Prophecy

We have all been anointed as priest, prophet, and king at our Baptism. What the heck does that mean? (22 minutes)

Developing A Prayer Life

Is your prayer life just another item on your "to do" list? Do you want to grow in your personal relationship with God? A dynamic and consistent prayer life is so important.

(28 minutes)

Some Starting Points of Prayer 
Practical ways to start a prayer life.
(15 minutes)

Spontaneous Prayer 

Praying from your heart.

"Let the real you pray to the real God." 

(27 minutes)

Sacraments, Signs, Symbols 

Hearing God through Sacraments, Signs, and Symbols. 

(22 minutes)