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STEP into the "MORE" of God.

And many people will come and say - come, let us go UP to the MOUNTAIN of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; that He may teach us His ways and that we may walk in His paths.

I s a i a h   2 : 3 

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In the Bible, the mountain is a place of ENCOUNTERING God’s glory and being TAUGHT his ways so that we are changed. God sent his friends from those mountains with the MISSION to share this encounter and teaching with everyone. The “Mountain” is simply the place of YOUR encounter with Jesus, and the “Mission” is taking place in hearts and minds everywhere.

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We are faithful lay Catholics grounded in Scripture, magisterial teaching, and Sacred Tradition, open to the current move of the Holy Spirit in every stream of the church.

TEACHING on the mountain


we want to make Jesus easy to see

We invite you to climb a spiritual mountain with us where Jesus  is waiting to commission us for MORE. Spirit-filled teachers and mentors will host FREE online courses, talks, retreats, and interactive small groups that will invite participants into a deeper intimacy with Jesus.

GIVING on the mountain

KINGDOM living requires kingdom giving

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The Passion Translation

(The Passion Translation is a paraphrased version whose intention is to inspire a passion for Christ in its readers.)